Can You Machine Wash a Cashmere Scarf?

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You finally did it! You treated yourself to the sheer pleasure that comes with owning a Cashmere scarf! You revel in the scarf’s beauty, softness, and warmth. But when you look at the tag and read “Hand Wash Only,” you might start to worry that you made a mistake. After all, with your already busy lifestyle, do you really have the time to commit to washing your Cashmere scarf by hand?

You might even be wondering – can you machine wash a Cashmere scarf?

The good thing is that yes, you can wash a Cashmere scarf in your washing machine, but how you do it and which settings you use matter greatly. 

The Safe Way to Wash Cashmere in the Washing Machine

One of the main reasons why hand washing is recommended for cleaning a Cashmere scarf is that the fibers used in making the fabric are very delicate and can quickly be ruined by rigorous washing and hot water. In fact, heat is the fabric’s biggest enemy. 

So, when you want to toss your scarf into the washer for a thorough cleaning, it is crucial to set your washing machine to the proper settings. 

For starters, you only want to use cold water. Never hot and definitely not warm. Cold only!

You also want to set the agitation setting to “Hand Wash,” because this produces the most delicate agitation available. If your washer only has “Delicate” and not “Hand Wash,” then you should not use your washing machine to clean your scarf because even the Delicate setting may be too rigorous for your precious Cashmere scarf. Some more advanced machines have settings for different types of garments or fabrics, so if your washer has a setting for “Wool,” then that will also work. 

Before placing the scarf in the washer, put it in a washing bag to help prevent it from getting wound the agitator or being beat up too much.

Choose the shortest wash cycle time possible and set the spin cycle to “Low.” Use only a detergent that is suitable for wool or Cashmere and never dry your Cashmere scarf in the dryer. Place it flat on a towel and allow it sit undisturbed to air dry.

Why You Might Want to Hand Wash Your Cashmere Scarf Anyway

For the best results, you should wash your Cashmere scarf in the washing machine only when it needs a thorough cleaning or when you are bringing it out to wear after it being in storage for a while. Washing it by hand remains the gentlest way to spot clean your scarf and cleaning it this way will help preserve its shape and color the best. And when you’re spending your hard-earned money on such a luxurious accessory, you definitely want to protect your investment!

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