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JPC collaborates with various contemporary artists to showcase their works on our lightweight cashmere scarves. This convergence of fashion and art results in unique and thoughtful luxuries for individuals who are in search of pieces that are modern, but timeless.

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Steve Miller

Sagaponick, NY based artist, Steve Miller works with tech — X-ray machines, CT scanners, microscopy, sonograms, and so on — that display the inner mechanisms of things we don't ordinarily see. They reveal the inner constructs of objects or animals, creating a truly three-dimensional viewing experience. These images of fashion, nature, animals, and instruments are perplexing in their simplicity. 

For more about Steve, his art, showings, and writings, visit his website.

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Marcia Lorente Howell

Marcia is a global citizen, splitting her time between San Francisco, New York City, and Barcelona. She is a modern impressionist painter using an oil on canvas medium.  “I paint to catch that life force behind everything. I believe in art's power to alter a viewer's emotional state and their perception of reality in a physical way".

Marcia is also a social and environmental activist and the founder of Surfergirl Gallery, New York's first gallery for emerging women artists that doubles as a marketing consulting seeking more diversity in the arts.

She is also a writer who recently published the book ARTVERTISING.

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Carolyn Marks Blackwood

A photographer who has spent her life looking at paintings. Her work is part of a movement known as Pictorialists, a group of photographers who created a style of photography based on painting rather than on documentation. Inspired by Color Field painters, and artists like Rothko and Newman, Blackwood focuses on images that have strong verticals or horizontals and which tend to fill the whole optical field.

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Angela Maritz

Artist Angela Maritz captures the beautiful, bold, vibrancy experienced not only in nature but life. Her loose approximations of flowers, vivid nautical scenes and animals - wild or tame evoke feelings of freedom, calm, serenity and joy to embolden and inspire purpose-filled living within us.

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South Africa-based Lalela provides educational arts for youth from under-resourced communities to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrprenereurial spirit. JPC and Lalela partner together to bring to life the work of nine student artists.

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