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Solid color scarves lend any ensemble just the right splash of complementing color. Whether you prefer neutral toned solid color scarves or like your colors bold and vibrant, you’ll find the perfect scarf to suit your style at Our extra-thick cashmere scarves provide you with the utmost in comfort and warmth, but because our scarves are made from all-natural Cashmere, you can even enjoy wearing them in summer just as much as you do in the winter because wool naturally wicks away moisture and helps keep you cool.

At James Paul Cheung, we have a wide variety of solid color scarves that anyone would love to have in their wardrobe. We carry five distinct styles of solid scarves: the Rana, the Castor, the Dahlia, and the Begonia. Each offers the wearer a unique look that adds beauty and sophistication without distracting the eyes. Shop our selection of premium Cashmere solid color scarves today to find your next favorite accessory piece.