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Few scarves offer the comfort and warmth of designer Cashmere scarves by James Paul Cheung. Our women’s Cashmere scarves are buttery soft, beautifully made, and heirloom-quality. These scarves are guaranteed to turn any ensemble in your wardrobe into something special. And with so many ways to wear Cashmere scarves, it’s an accessory that delivers unlimited opportunities.

One of the most surprising things about designer Cashmere scarves is that they can be worn in both winter and summer because they are made from natural fibers harvested from Cashmere goats. The fibers offer exceptional warmth in the winter, but in the summer, they are highly breathable and moisture-wicking, so the scarf can keep you cooler and drier. With such incredible versatility and luxurious beauty, there’s no excuse not to have several women’s Cashmere scarves in your repertoire.