Creative Ways to Wear Scarves

Creative Ways to Wear Scarves

The scarf is no longer just a winter accessory. Today, there are a variety of creative ways to wear scarves that can give your entire wardrobe a whole new perspective and versatility of looks, regardless of the season.

Here are a few different creative ways to wear a scarf. Find the one that speaks to you and breathe new life into this fashionable piece of fabric.

Drape It

If you have a solid color t-shirt that you want to spice up a bit, take one of your silk scarves (or other thin material scarf) and drape it over one shoulder. Secure it in place around your waist with a wide belt. The splash of color down one side of your body will give your outfit a fresh and inspired new look.

Belt It

Instead of using one of your usual belts, change it up and use one of your scarves instead. Roll out a thin, colorful scarf, slip it through your belt looks, and tie it around your waist in front. You’ll transform your look by giving it a big dose of color where you need it most.

Pin It

Do you have a large, fancy brooch that’s a beautiful statement piece, but you aren’t sure how to wear it? Drape a large scarf over your shoulders and secure it in place using the brooch! 

Tie It

If you are ready to go out, but you can’t find the ideal necklace to go with your casual outfit, take a scarf and tie it loosely around your neck. Wearing a scarf this way gives you a flirty yet comfortable look.

Double Wrap It

If the weather is chilly, but not exactly cold, then taking an oversized scarf and double wrapping it loosely around your neck will pull the double duty of keeping you warm and looking great.

Create Your Own Look

Scarves come in such a wide range of sizes and shapes that the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding creative ways to wear scarves. For instance, if you have an extra-large scarf, you can turn it into a kimono-style cover up, a beach cover up, a sweater vest, or a belted cape. Or you can use a smaller scarf and just tie it into a bow knot. Your options are only limited by your imagination, and of course, how many scarves are in your closet. For this reason, we always say – you can never have too many scarves!

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