How Long Should Scarves Be?

How Long Should Scarves Be?

Scarves offer a quick and easy way to spruce up any look. And they are one of fashion’s most universal accessories, being popular with women, men, and children. But is there a standard length that you should be looking for in your scarves? How long should scarves be?

The answer isn’t so simple and straightforward. In a lot of ways, it comes down to the user’s preferences.

How Long is a Scarf Supposed to Be?

A scarf’s length is measured from point to point. The average scarf is around 60 inches long. But scarves come in a variety of lengths. For instance, most short scarves measure about 55 inches long, whereas the average medium scarf is around 70 inches long. Longer scarves reaching about 82 inches in length are also available and highly popular. 

The length of the scarf you choose should be determined by how you plan to wear it. If you are wearing it in your hair, then you may want to use a shorter scarf but if you are going to wear it around your neck or waist, then a longer scarf will usually suffice.

How Wide Should a Scarf Be?

Just as with the length, the width of the scarf can vary. However, most standard scarves measure between 6 and 8 inches in width, but there are plenty available that are thinner or wider. 

Scarf Measurements for Men, Women, and Children

  • Men: The width of the average men’s scarf is 6 inches, but the length can be anywhere from 50 inches to as long as 90 inches, depending on the man’s height. 
  • Women: The typical women’s scarf is 60 inches long and 5 inches wide, but women have a lot more flexibility in their scarf selection than men. This is because women’s scarves come in a wider range of widths, from as narrow as 5 inches to as wide as 10 inches. 
  • Children: A properly sized scarf for a child is one that equals the child’s size in length. So, for a child who is 33 inches high, a 33-inch-long scarf is recommended. As for width, most children scarves fall between 5 and 7 inches. is your complete source for women’s scarves. We have scarves from some of today’s hottest designers, like Lalela, Marcia Lorente Howell, Steve Miller, and more. Shop our selection today to find your next favorite fashion accessory.

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