How Many Scarves Should a Woman Own?

How Many Scarves Should a Woman Own?

Scarves have been worn by women since Ancient Egypt. In fact, it is believed that the first woman to wear a scarf was none other than Queen Nefertiti! Today, scarves are adorned by women of all ages because few other fashion accessories offer the versatility of a scarf. 

Scarves can be worn in the hair, over or around the neck, as a belt, or one of a dozen other creative ways. How you wear a scarf really is limited only by your imagination. But with so many uses for scarves, this begs the question – how many scarves should a woman own?

How Many Scarves Do I Need?

The more accurate question is probably – how many scarves do you want? The truth is that scarves come in a wide variety of lengths and widths. And they’re made from a lot of different materials, including natural ones like silk, cashmere, and wool. 

Each scarf is unique, so it’s not beyond the reach of reason to say that a woman needs as many scarves as she wants. After all, the more scarves you have, the more looks you can create.

How to Store and Organize Your Scarf Collection

As your scarf collection grows, you will want to have an easy way to store and organize your scarfs. This will help protect your scarfs and make it easier for you to choose the right one to complement your outfit. Here are some great solutions for storing and organizing your collection of scarves.

  • Drawer Organizers: If you have an empty drawer that is over five inches in height, it can make a great storage solution for your scarves because this height is ideal for storing silk or wool scarves. For the most efficient storage, use drawer organizers and fold each scarf lengthwise so that it is five inches or less in width. Rolling the scarf into a loose spiral will help repel wrinkles. Store one rolled scarf in a single compartment of the drawer organizer.
  • Shoe Cubbies: A shoe cubby has plenty of spaces that can allow you to store a good number of scarves. Folding or rolling the scarves will help ensure that they don’t wrinkle. You can fit a couple of thinner scarves in one cubby but stick to one per cubby with thicker scarves.
  • Rods: If you have less than a dozen of scarves, then using a clothes rod or towel rod mounted to the back of a door will give you an easily accessible way to store them. To hang your scarves on the rod, drape them over the bar and tie them in a loose knot to keep them from sliding off. Avoid tightening the knot or you could wind up creating wrinkles in the scarf.
  • Hangers: Hangers also make great scarf storage solutions. You can drape one scarf over the rod of the hanger, or you can store multiple scarves on one hanger by tying them in a loose knot and letting them hang, like you would if you were using a rod.
  • Scarf Racks: A scarf rack is specially designed to store scarves in an efficient manner. They have small loops through which you can hang your scarves on. 
  • Shelves: If you don’t want to buy anything special to store your scarves, a simple empty shelf will do. Fold your scarves, so they are all about the same width and stack them on your shelves. You can even use dividers to separate your scarves by material or color.
  • Hooks: If you don’t have a lot of scarves, but you cherish the ones you do, then you can use hooks to safely store them. Simply drape your scarves over the hooks, so you can quickly grab one when you want to wear it.
  • Baskets: Baskets also work well for storing your scarves. Rolling the scarves will allow you to fit more of them in the basket. You can then store the basket in your closet or keep it near the front door, so you can quickly grab one on your way out.

Need More Scarves? Of Course You Do!

With no shortage of uses for scarves, every woman can use as many as she can get her hands on. At, we have designer scarves that fashionable women can’t get enough of. Made from natural materials like silk, cashmere, and wool, our scarves come from some of today’s premier designers. Whether you are looking to add a few high-end scarves to your collection or you want to pick up the perfect gift for a special woman in your life, our selection has something for everyone.
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