How to Wear Scarves in Your Hair

How to Wear Scarves in Your Hair

A scarf is one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe because a single scarf can be worn so many ways to achieve a variety of different looks. And currently, one of the trendiest ways to use scarves is to wear them in your hair. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick solution to solve a “bad hair day” dilemma or you want to accessorize to suit the look you’re going for, a colorful scarf can be your best friend. If you’re new to this fashion accessory or you just don’t know how to wear scarves in your hair, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are six fun and distinctive ways to wear scarves in your hair.

The Ponytail Tie

If you have long hair and you want to wrangle it under control, the Ponytail Tie is about as quick and easy as it gets. Just gather your hair in a ponytail and tie the scarf into a knot around it. Pull the knot close to your head and let your tresses hang down. 

The Bun Swirl

Don’t have time to do your hair before you have to head out the door? The Bun Swirl will make it look like you spent a lot longer than the two minutes this tie takes. To do it, throw your hair up in a classic messy top knot or bun and then wrap the scarf around the base a couple of times and tie the ends to keep it secure in place. The result is an instantly chic look that goes well with any casual outfit. 

The Headband

The Headband is one of the most classic ways for how to wear scarves in your hair and it provides the wearer with a wonderfully feminine look. It’s also super-easy to do. Simply take the scarf and wrap it around the top of your head. Then tie the ends in a bow at the nape of your neck. To help prevent the scarf from shifting throughout the day, you can secure the scarf in place with bobby pins. 

The Turban-Style Headband

This is a different variation of the Headband. To make a Turban-Style Headband using your scarf, you tie your hair up into a messy knot first. Then take the scarf and tie it into a knot at the top of your head. Fold the ends underneath the scarf and spread the scarf wider at the back side of your head, so that it fills in the space between your hair knot and the nape of your neck.

The Vintage Glam Wrap

The Vintage Glam Wrap was made famous by Hollywood starlets in the 60s, but it’s such an iconic look that it is still worn by fashionable women today. For this look you will want to use a larger square scarf folded in half to make a triangle. Pull your hair back and set the scarf on your head, so that the pointed end of the triangle is to the back of your head. Then tie the two ends of the scarf together under your chin. Slip on a pair of retro sunglasses and you’ll look like you just stepped off a movie set.

The Braid Tie

With the Braid Tie, you simply braid your hair as you normally would but instead of using three sections of hair, you use two sections of hair and the scarf. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail and tying the scarf into a knot at the ponytail’s base. Then start braiding your hair and incorporating the scarf. If the scarf is longer than your hair, just tie the rest of it in a bow where it meets your hair to complete the look. 

The truth is there is an almost limitless number of ways for how to put scarves in your hair. The above six ways are some of the quickest and easiest ways to change your look. They’re fun to do and complement everything from your summer beachwear to your favorite cozy knits and sweaters. Grab your next favorite scarf today at and start playing with some brand-new looks.

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